Children & Families

Our Grantmaking

We believe that strengthening families and improving opportunities for children leads to a vibrant, healthy community.

We support children and families holistically across all of our program areas, with an overall goal to build stronger families who can best support their children.

Our responsive grants have focused on family support, foster care and transition, senior support services, disability support, workforce development, youth skills building and enrichment, and camperships.

Examples of Children & Families grants include:


The Foundation supports camps for low-income children and youth, underserved populations, populations with special needs or circumstances, and programs that engage children and youth. As is the case with all Lesher Foundation grants, we fund only those programs that serve Contra Costa County residents. The Foundation will fund 10 camperships annually at an amount up to $5,000 per program for one-year grants.

How to Apply

Please see our Grant Guidelines and Application Instructions for eligibility requirements and deadlines.

Click here to search our Grants Database for organizations we have supported to date.