Two adults holding babyWelcome and thank you for your interest in the Lesher Foundation’s grantmaking. The Lesher Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents in Contra Costa County, supporting children and families, education, and arts and culture for the last 30 years and well into the future.

The Lesher Foundation offers the following grantmaking programs:

  1. Responsive Grants: nonprofit organizations can apply for a grant in one of the three focus areas: education, arts and culture, or children and families
  2. Strategic Partnerships: The Lesher Foundation proactively identifies grantee partners to work toward one of our four strategic goals, and invites those specific partners to submit a proposal.
  3. Campership Grants: The Lesher Foundation supports camps for low-income children and youth, underserved populations, populations with special needs or circumstances, and programs that engage children and youth.
  4. CARE Fund: This one-time $300,000 fund marks the Lesher Foundation’s 30-year history of grantmaking and honors its community partners.


How to Apply: